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Or home chef?

Food has always been my passion.

As a college student, I would bake to maintain my sanity and shared the goods with my professors. (A banana bread *supposedly* gave me the favor I needed to split time between conflicting courses!)

Nearing the end of a doctoral program and primed to enter academia, food continues to move me, body and soul.

What if I could combine my love for teaching with my love of food?

The more I learned about nutrition and environmentalism

. . . the more I felt convinced my food choices had to reflect what I was learning.

I became increasingly more plant based in my own eating, swapping lentils, mushrooms, and tofu for meat and lessening my intake of dairy and eggs.

Having glimpsed the vital importance for human and planetary health, I want to help others make similar changes sustainably.

I know two things for certain

Theology should be practical. And our food choices matter far beyond taste.

Put these together . . . the birth of Eden + Me.

Theology says that stewardship matters. Science says that stewardship matters. All signs point toward plants being key.


This is the WHAT.

We didn’t make the world, but it’s been left in our hands. What will we do with it? The task has been given to us to be wise and kind stewards of both the earth and of our own bodies (you and me).

There are no deadlines, there is no expected timeline for how long it “should” get you from “here” to “there.” The goal here is sustainable progress, so you can take it as slowly as you need. This is your journey.



This is the WHY.

By eating more plant-based, we care for ourselves, for other humans, and for the whole earth and all we share it with. (And not just now—also for those to come.) We love our neighbors—both human and otherwise—by not making our food decisions solely based on what will satisfy our cravings. Rather, we consider the global impact that our food choices have on things like climate change, treatment of animals, pollution, deforestation, over-fishing, destructive farming practices, and so much more.

We are first and foremost stewards

Your pace is your pace

Forget the labels

Don’t stress about what to call yourself. While some may have goals to become fully vegan, others are content to go vegetarian, or some version of flexitarian. Instead of focusing on what we don’t eat, we emphasize and celebrate wins in eating a diversity of whole plant foods.

Grace for you, grace for others

Many of you may be cooking for and eating with a family along your journey. Some of you may be teaming up with some friends and supporting one another through it. Don’t let “perfect” become the enemy of the good.

For the good of all

This is the HOW.

We do things differently around here

For those desiring to integrate this plant-based journey with a Christian perspective, Eden + Me will offer faith-based resources in the membership. Explore what scripture has to say about stewardship and what this means for our daily food choices.

Faith-Based Integration


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